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 Join Pax Christi Florida in Tallahassee, Florida

October 24 – 26, 2014

as we stand against Florida’s death penalty 

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Pax Christi Florida is urging all its members, and all those – individuals and organizations – committed to ending Florida’s death penalty, to mark their calendars NOW and to join us October 24-26th in Tallahassee for this most important assembly and witness calling for an end to Florida’s death penalty! 


 Oct. 24 – Rally on Steps of Old Capitol Building

Click here for more information on rally.


List of Rally Speakers!

  • Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (D-9), who has championed legislation for the past 4 legislative sessions to end the death penalty in Florida
  • Ingrid Delgado – Florida Catholic Conference
  • Rev. Juvais Harrington, Tallahassee NAACP
  • Mark Elliott, Executive Director of Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
  • David Keaton, 1st exonerated Florida death row survivor (and the first in the U.S. since death penalty was reinstated in 1979)
  • Herman Lindsey, 23rd exonerated Florida death row survivor
  • Seth Penalver, 24th and most recent exonerated Florida death row survivor
  • Fr. Phil Egitto, Pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Daytona Bch
  • Miriam Elliott, Gainesville Citizens for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
  • Rev. Marda Messick, Pastor of St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Tallahassee and the Chair-elect of the Tallahassee Citizens Against the Death Penalty (850-284-6667)
  • Johnny Zokovitch, Pax Christi USA
  • Fr. Tim Holeda, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
  • Elke Long, Relative of death row inmate
  • Rev. Brant Copeland, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Tallahassee
  • FSU Chapter Amnesty International Representative
  • FSU Chapter NAACP Representative



Oct. 25 and 26 – Pax Christi Statewide Assembly

Calling for an End to Florida’s Death Penalty

St John Neumann Renewal Center

685 Miccosukee Rd., Tallahassee, FL 32308

****Click here for Pax Christi Florida’s registration brochure.****




     to Tallahassee for PCF Action and Assembly?


If you need a ride or if you are willing to provide transportation to Tallahassee, please contact Barbara Richardson (; 561-307-6293) and she will do her best to match those in need of rides with folks driving to Tallahassee who’ve volunteered to transport others.


Carpooling is great way to build community and to be kind to our planet, so call today!


All are welcome…together we can make a difference. 

Join us!



CAB Composite (2)

Pax Christi Florida urges members and friends to honor the memory of


Carol Ann Breyer

by making a donation to Pax Christi USA today!


Pax Christi-USA

415 Michigan Avenue NE – Suite 240

Washington, DC 20017-4503

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PCUSA’s 2014 Advent Booklet Available Now!

Pre-order by October 15 to guarantee your order can be filled.




This year’s Advent reflection booklet is now available for pre-order! If you want to guarantee your copies and receive them before Advent starts, you need to pre-order before October 15!

This year’s booklet is entitled,  Waking Up to God in Our Midst: Reflections for Advent 2014 , and our authors are Sr. Simone Campbell, Dr. Shannen Dee Williams, Adrienne Alexander and Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace Rev. Joseph Nangle, ofm. You can see a PDF sample with four reflections by  clicking here .

Click here for more information about the booklet or to place your order today.

Remember, order BEFORE OCTOBER 15 to guarantee your order and reception before Advent begins.

If you prefer to order by email, you can email Lori Nemenz at or by phone,  call her at 814-520-6245 to place your order




Execution – Thursday, Nov. 13, 2013



Gov. Scott has ordered the People of the State of Florida to kill Chadwick Banks on Thursday, November 13 at 6pm ET. Chadwick Banks was sentenced to death for the killing of Melody Cooper 22 years ago. This would be the 8th execution this year and the 20th execution of a well-secured, captive prisoner ordered by Richard Lynn Scott. Florida uses an almost identical lethal injection drug protocol to what Oklahoma used in the horribly botched execution of Clayton Lockett.

Florida continues the premeditated, unnecessary, and experimental killing of captive prisoners. Richard Lynn Scott is responsible for more executions (19) than any first term governor in modern Florida history. 

Please contact Gov. Rick Scott and ask him to suspend ALL executions.

Governor Rick Scott:
Phone: (850) 488-7146


Pope Francis: World War III Is Already Here

Pope Francis

REDIPUGLIA, Italy (AP) — Pope Francis urged the world Saturday to shed its apathy in the face of what he characterizes as a third world war, intoning “war is madness” at the foot of a grandiose monument to soldiers killed in World War I.


Francis’ aim in recalling those who died in the Great War that broke out 100 years ago was to honor the victims of all wars, and it came at a time when his calls for peace have grown ever more urgent amid new threats in the Middle East and Ukraine.


To read the full article, click here.


Take action now to protect Florida’s residents, lands and wildlife




Last week, US Sugar unveiled plans to build a massive, sprawling city called Sugar Hill between the Everglades and its water source, Lake Okeechobee. The project would bring 18,000 new residential units and 25 million square feet of commercial, industrial, office and retail buildings directly into the Everglades agricultural area, effectively preventing clean water from Lake Okeechobee from reaching the Everglades and the millions who rely on it.

The 67-square-mile development would have a devastatingly irreversible impact on the Everglades and coastal communities. This dangerous plan would also skyrocket the value of US Sugar’s land, potentially derailing completion of the Florida government’s contract with US Sugar to purchase 153,000 acres in the Everglades for cleaning and restoration.

The decision will ultimately be made by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (FDEO), but Governor Scott has the power to direct their denial of the project. Now is your chance get him moving!

Tell Florida Governor Rick Scott and South Florida Water Managers to direct the FDEO to stop big sugar’s massive development plan and protect the Everglades, the sole source of drinking water for seven million residents.



Pax Christi USA’s Official Statement

on the Delay of an Immigration Plan


Pax Christi USA joins its voice with the many that had great hopes that President Obama, in September, would use his executive authority to address the broken U.S. immigration system as he had promised.  Those hope have been seriously dashed over the weekend by the President’s announcement that he will delay his decision until after [...]

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Pope Francis announces World Day of Peace Message Theme


“Slaves no more, but brothers and sisters” will be the title of the Message for the 48th World Day of Peace, the second of the papacy of Pope Francis. Many people think that slavery is a thing of the past. In fact, this social plague remains all too real in today’s world. Last year’s Message for 1 January 2014 […]

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IRAQ-SYRIA: What if bombing makes things worse?

by Stephen Miles, Win Without War
in The Huffington Post


With more than 1,000 U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq, surveillance flights over Syria, and over 100 airstrikes launched in Iraq, it is time to start asking the hard questions about the latest U.S. military intervention in the Middle East. As David Petraeus so famously asked a decade ago, ‘Tell me how this ends.’

To read full article, click here.


Special Appeal

Greetings! I’m sending this letter to you with great thanks for the leadership that you provide on the regional and local level to your Pax Christi group. The recent gathering of regional leaders at our Pax Christi home in Washington, DC demonstrated a deep and lively commitment to the cause of nonviolent peace building. I was greatly pleased with the number who were able to attend and with their affirmations of the efforts at the national level. With that said, let me include you in an urgent matter and request your help.
A Special Appeal was begun this week at the behest of the National Council to reach out to our membership for funds. This appeal was first announced on our website, with an email or letter going to each member. Other donors are also being contacted.
We are at the half point of our fiscal year and our income is not meeting our needs. Projected funding has not been flowing in as anticipated without any clear reasons for this delay. The Council is carefully studying this matter, as it recognizes an immediate need to increase income and to tighten expenses. While we all hope this is just a short term problem, all possibilities are being examined.
The Council and staff need your help and support on the regional level. Please contact your membership and encourage them to participate. Specifically, ask them to be sure that their national membership dues of $40.00 has been renewed for this year and to donate further if possible. Dues as well as donations can be made in several ways: (1) Send a check to the National Office located at 415 Michigan Ave, NE, Suite 240, Washington, DC 20017-4503. (2) Go to our website and use PayPal to make a donation. (3) If they wish to pay by credit card, they may do so on our website or call the office to give their information. Personal contact through email or phone calls would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you are aware of any possible donor who may be willing to give, please forward their name and addresses and I will reach out to them.
Through the generosity of so many, Pax Christi USA has grown to have a professional staff and suitable office resources to be able to sufficiently and responsibility carry forth the mission of Pax Christi USA on a national level. We all know that our country needs the voices of those committed to peace and justice. Our Catholic faith provides us with a well-developed theology and praxis to challenge the practices and policies that accept war and violence. Pax Christi USA is so needed in our nation and your support and help is greatly needed at this time.
Thank you for all that you will do and or all that you already do to support our Catholic nonviolent movement for justice and peace.
Sr. Patricia Chappell, SNDdeN
Executive Director-Pax Christi USA


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she moves me

blogging for mother earth


PCF Council Member, Jim Rucquoi

i want to sit on this rock with you awhile, friend, think out loud a bit. first up, these new readings i’ve bumped into that continue to shake me awake. ever since starting out on my bike three years ago for mother earth, mother’s been whispering in my ear something fierce. after climate ride california last year i can think of little else. scattered news of old that held me in its addictive clutches fails to move me anymore. you move me, mother, front & center at last.

Please click here to read Jim’s blog.



Photos from Pax Christi Events

In right column, you will find photos of  Pax Christi Florida’s 2011 Assembly, God, Country, and the Common Good led by Jean Sammon of NETWORK – Catholic Social Justice Lobby in Washington, DC.  This event was held October 15 and 16 at the Life Enrichment Center in Fruitland Park, Florida.   For additional Pax Christi Florida event photos, click here.


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