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  • Gathered in Peace: Forming Pax Christi Communities – this free downloadable resources is designed to assist forming/newly formed local groups with their initial five meetings.  This guide provides a basic methodology for a peacemaking group and should be a resource for on-going, regularly scheduled meetings.  The contents include an introduction to Pax Christi, it history, priorities and peace education materials.  (49 pages in pdf format)
  • Vow of Nonviolence – an invitation to people of faith and conscience to signify a break with violence in all of its forms.  Groups and individuals taking this vow are commiting themselves to striving to live a life of nonviolence for a period of one year.  For a copy of the Vow of Nonviolence click hereSpanish version, click here.
  • What Is Pax Christi? (pdf format)  Spanish version, click here.
  •  Brothers and Sisters All – an information brochure about Pax Christi USA’s 20-year initiative to transform Pax Christi USA into an anti-racist, multi-cultural peace and justice movement. (brochure in pdf format)

Resources on Conscientious Objection

Resources on Immigration

Resources on the Death Penalty

Resources from Pax Christi USA

Resources from The Florida Catholic Conference

Resources from the Florida Catholic Conference

Resources from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Other Death Penalty Resources

Environmental Resources

Resources for ChildrenPowerPoint Presentation

Books, Brochures, and Peaceweavings

  • A New Moment: An Invitation to Nonviolence – compiled by the Erie Benedictines for Peace, this is an important resource for those who want to learn more about nonviolence and disarming one’s heart.  Also a great resource for those who may be discerning, or have taken, Pax Christi USA’s Vow of Nonviolence.  (43 pages – pdf format)
  • A Prophetic Church – A Pax Christi USA Peaceweavings written by Bishop Gabino Zavala, Bishop President of Pax Christi USA.  As the prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures spoke to the inhumanity of the “Empire” and called God’s people to a new vision and hope for humanity, so must the Church today. (brochure in pdf format)
  • Embracing Our Principles Instead of Our Fears: What a Mosque at Ground Zero Really Proclaims – a Pax Christi USA Peaceweavings written by Ronaldo Cruz.  Catholic Social Teaching tells us that human life is sacred and that the dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society. However, attacks on Muslims – and on dark-skinned people mistaken for Muslims—started almost immediately after the events of 9/11.  This behavior is contrary to our Christian values.
  •  Living Unafraid: A Spiritual Path to Freedom  – a Pax Christi USA Peaceweavings written by Tom Cordaro.  If we believe that God does not intend us to live in fear, how do we make the conscious decision to live unafraid? Perhaps a new spiritual discipline based in mindfulness, compassion, humility, and solidarity can move us from fear to freedom.
  • Nonviolence and Dialogue with Iran – a Pax Christi USA Peaceweavings written by Dave Robinson.  Today, the stand-off between the United States and Iran over a range of current as well as long-standing disagreements offers an opportunity to employ nonviolence at the pre-confrontation stage – before great violence is unleashed.
  • Keeping Vigil – a Pax Christi USA Peaceweavings written by Nancy Small.   Amidst the darkness of these times, the words of Jesus cry out to us with the urgent desire that resonated in his voice that long-ago night. “Remain here, and watch with me.”
  • Spirituality And Globalization: In Whose Image? – a Pax Christi USA Peaceweavings written by Tony Vento.  Globalization will affect every aspect of our lives positively or negatively – even the basic shape of our spirituality.
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