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Tragedy in Parkland 


While our hearts and prayers are with those who lost their children and love ones in this horrific act of violence, we must take action to change policy.

Listen to those amazing young people who survived…their profound voices are calling us and our congressional representatives to action…they are demanding policy changes aimed at school safety.  Let us support them!



It is not just a mental health issue…it is also a gun control issue!

Tell  Congress that it must act to ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition now!

The AR-15 is the weapon of choice for mass shooters (see below for details). There is no reason good enough for civilians to have access to this weapon of war originally designed to kill humans. Please sign on now.


We must keep up the pressure for better mental health services and work to end the selling of  AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles as they are nothing less than weapons of war!



she moves me

blogging for mother earth


Pax Christi Florida Member, Jim Rucquoi

i want to sit on this rock with you awhile, friend, think out loud a bit. first up, these new readings i’ve bumped into that continue to shake me awake. ever since starting out on my bike three years ago for mother earth, mother’s been whispering in my ear something fierce. after climate ride california last year i can think of little else. scattered news of old that held me in its addictive clutches fails to move me anymore. you move me, mother, front & center at last.

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