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“Movements like yours are precious.  They help draw people’s attention to the violence which shatters the harmony between human beings which is at the heart of creation.  They help to develop conscience, so that justice and the search for the common good can prevail in the relations between individuals and peoples.  These are the foundations for lasting Peace.” – Pope John Paul II to Pax Christi members (May, 1995)



Pax Christi’s Beginning…

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About Pax Christi Florida

Pax Christi Florida (PCF) is branch of Pax Christi USA which is a national section of the international Catholic peace movement, Pax Christi International

Pax Christi Florida seeks to establish peacemaking as an objective for the Catholic Church in Florida.  PCF works with various Catholic parishes, communities and agencies, and collaborates with other faith-based and secular groups committed to nonviolent peacemaking, and to social and environmental justice.

Please consider joining Pax Christi Florida.  For a downloadable membership brochure, click here.  

If you are  already an active member of Pax Christi Florida and are able to make an additional donation to support our work for peace through justice and nonviolence at the state level, please click here or send your donation, made payable and mailed to Pax Christi Florida, Mercy-on-the-Manatee, 505 Palm Avenue, Ellenton, FL 34222.  Thank you!


Pax Christi Florida’s New Coordinator and Council (Effective Sept. 24, 2020)


PCFL Coordinator

Sandy Baran                        pianopeace1@gmail.com


PCFL Council Members

Anne Richter                        arichter581@gmail.com

Phyllis Jepson                      phyllisjepson@earthlink.net

Barbara Richardson             bar8537@earthlink.net

Nancy O’Byrne                     nancy.obyrne@currently.com

David O’Byrne                      obyrned@bellsouth.net

Amy Finn Schultz                 amyflorence@gmail.com

John Frank                           jwfrank904@gmail.com

Dave Montrose                    dave.montrose@gmail.com




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