Our Story:  In 1945, a small group of Catholics in France began to meet regularly to pray for peace. They were troubled by the fact that French and German Catholics, who professed the same faith and celebrated the same Eucharist, had killed one another by the thousands during World War II. Knowing that this was not the will of God, they prayed for forgiveness, reconciliation, and the peace of Christ. This was the birth of Pax Christi, which literally translated means, “the peace of Christ”. The mission and movement spread throughout Europe in the 1950s and 1960s and in 1972 the U.S Chapter of Pax Christi was founded. For many years the national office was in Erie, Pa. In 2011 the office moved to 415 Michigan Ave. NE. State 240, Washington DC 20017-4503. Today Pax Christi is active in over 30 countries, with a growing presence in Latin America and Africa. Pax Christi also has consultative status as a non-governmental organization at the United Nations.

PAX  CHRISTI  FLORIDA (PCF) was founded in 1982 by John and Patricia Frank. In 2022 Pax Christi Florida will celebrate 40 years of peacemaking. PCF continues to engage members in prayer, study and action through annual gatherings, workshops which promote nonviolent living, bi-monthly newsletters and special alerts. 

“Cancel the Countdown” protest in Cape Canaveral, January 1987. Pictured just behind the banner is Dr. Benjamin Spock, flanked on either side by John and Martina Linnehan.


Sandy Baran, Coordinator                       paxchristiflorida@gmail.com

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Pax Christi Florida Contact Information

Our mailing address is:
Pax Christi Florida
Sandra Baran, Coordinator
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Email: PaxChristiFlorida@gmail.com

Pax Christi Florida’s Communication Coordinator:
Beth Cioffoletti (shoofoolatte@gmail.com)

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