Advocacy Letter to Florida Bishops

Though our letter highlights three particular issues (Racism, Gun Violence, and Creation in Crisis), it makes reference to other issues to which the bishops have previously demonstrated concern and are evident in their advocacy through the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops. See the ISSUES link on the main page for our public policy agenda in PC-FLAC’24.

Our letter was mailed to the following Bishops in Florida:

  • Most Rev. Thomas G. Wenski, Archbishop of Miami
  • Most Rev. Gerald M. Barbarito, Diocese of Palm Beach
  • Most Rev. William A. Wack, CSC, Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee
  • Most Rev. John G. Noonan, Diocese of Orlando
  • Most Rev. Frank J. Dewane, Diocese of Venice
  • Most Rev. Gregory L. Parkes, Diocese of St. Petersburg
  • Most Rev. Erik T. Pohlmeier, Diocese of St. Augustine
  • Most Rev. Enrique E. Delgado, Auxiliary Bishop of Miami

Florida’s 8 bishops comprise the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops (FCCB), an organization with staff based in Tallahassee. FCCB serves as the Catholic Church’s official liaison to state government on matters of concern to the Catholic Church in Florida. It is a non-partisan public policy voice on behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Florida. Per its website, its vision is grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teaching of the Church “which guides its work through relationships with representatives and agencies of Florida government … (as it) … analyzes the moral dimension of public policies … .”

Please add your voice by endorsing the letter. You can also volunteer to be part of a delegation to meet with your local bishop to discuss the letters content.

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