Sandra Baran, PCF Coordinator

Pax Christi Florida is delighted to announce that Sandra Baran, a long-time member of Pax Christi Florida and Pax Christi USA and resident of Jupiter, Florida, has answered the call for leadership of our movement, following the close of Nancy O’Byrne’s term.  On September 24, 2020, several former PCF council members met to discuss the reactivation of Pax Christi Florida and to affirm Sandra as the new coordinator of our movement.

The following will be serving on the PCF council: John Frank, Amy Finn Schultz, Phyllis Turner Jepson, Dave Montrose, David O’Byrne, Nancy O’Byrne, Barbara Richardson and Anne Richter.

Sandra and the council members will be meeting soon via Zoom to reflect and to make plans to re-organize.  Stay tuned!

Congratulations, Sandra!

PCFL Coordinator

Sandy Baran              

PCFL Council Members

Anne Richter                       

Phyllis Jepson                      

Barbara Richardson           

Nancy O’Byrne                   

David O’Byrne                     

Amy Finn Schultz                

John Frank                          

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