2021 Pax Christi USA National Conference

UPDATE: Nearly 400 people joined the Pax Christi USA National Conference in real time and we have had more than 1500 views of the livestream on FaceBook Live. Most of the videos of the conference are now online and you can view them HERE

Olga Marina Segura, Keynote Speaker

Friday, July 30th, 7-10pm EDT
Saturday, July 31st, 12-7pm EDT

Pax Christi USA is holding their National Conference  on July 30th and 31st. This year’s conference will take place over Zoom. Participants will receive special links to various events a few days prior to the conference.

Click HERE to fill out the registration form.

On August 12th (Thursday) at 7 pm Pax Christi Florida member will gather on Zoom to share feedback about the National Conference. 

ZOOM link will be here.

Highlights of the National Conference:

  • Rev. Bryan Massingale, STD will receive the Teacher of Peace Award and give an address.
  • Speakers will include Olga Segura, Megan McKenna, Marie Dennis, Art Laffin, Adrienne Alexander and more.
  • A pre-conference lead-in event, sponsored by the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, will get you mobilized for September’s Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action.
  • Bishop John Stowe, OFM-Conv, Bishop President of Pax Christi USA will celebrate a closing Mass for the entire Pax Christi USA community. 

Click HERE for Full Information about the National Conference.

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