Action of the Month: A Global Catholic Vigil to Pray for Solutions at COP26

Along with many partners, Catholic Climate Covenant is participating in “24 Hours for the Climate,” a global vigil for Catholics and other people of faith to pray and advocate for the success of COP26, which runs from October 31 – November 12.

On November 5-6th, the vigil will be broadcast live and will include commentary from communities suffering from climate change, prayers for the future of our common home and messages to be delivered to COP26 negotiators. A prayer themed around God’s creation and ecological spirituality will be broadcast every hour. These 48 broadcasts will be hosted by different countries from around the world. 

The vigil will be broadcast from November 5 starting at 11am GMT (7 a.m. Eastern) to November 6 at 11am GMT (7 a.m. Eastern.) You can participate in the vigil by watching the broadcast (RSVP to receive the link) and by sharing and encouraging your friend and neighbors to share their own “climate story,” which will be sent to COP26 negotiators.

We invite you to share your story and RSVP today.
24 Hours for the Climate
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