2022 Countdown – Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

All around the world, people are counting down to celebrate the new year. We thought we’d countdown the top 10 things we’re grateful for in 2021 (in no particular order of importance)!

10- There were NO executions in Florida in 2021 and none were scheduled!

9- A bill to protect people with serious mental illness passed unanimously out of the Senate criminal justice committee, signaling that the legislature is primed to make serious steps toward this common sense reform.

8- FADP added staff and volunteer power to assist with communications and organizing.

7- The SMI Alliance was launched this year, led by FADP in partnership with mental health experts and advocates from around the state.

6- Dale Recinella, a chaplain who has helped hundreds of people on Florida’s death row, received the first ever Guardian of Life award from the Vatican.

5- We heard from new, powerful voices like former Supreme Court Chief Justice Gerald Kogan on why the death penalty should be abolished.

4- We held 8 successful events that added hundreds of new people to our list.

3- We launched a new petition to exempt people with serious mental illness from the death penalty and it already has over 1,700 signatures.

2- We revamped our website with new tools and materials.

1- YOU! Without you, none of this could be possible.

We must keep the momentum going. The death penalty is on the defensive and we need to stay on offense. But that kind of progress is hard and only possible with your help. Would you consider a gift of $22, $220, or even $2200 to FADP today?

We are so grateful for you!

-The FADP Team

P.S. There is so much more to do in 2022 and we can’t do it without you. Would you consider a gift of $22, $220, or even $2200 to FADP today? We are so grateful for you!

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