PCF Letter to Florida Bishops re: Nuclear Disarmament

Pax Christi Florida sent the following letter to all of the Florida Bishops, urging them to join us in our prayer, study and action efforts to promote nuclear disarmament.

A copy of “Living in the Light of Christ’s Peace”, a recent pastoral letter by Archbishop John C. Wester (Santa Fe) was included with each letter.

The Letter(s) were sent to these 8 Florida Bishops:

Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski, Archdiocese of Miami

Bishop Frank J. Dewane, Diocese of Venice

Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito, Diocese of Palm Beach

Bishop John G. Noonan, Diocese of Orlando

Bishop Felipe J. Estévez, Diocese of St. Augustine

Bishop Gregory L. Parkes, Diocese of St. Petersburg

Bishop William A. Wack CSC, Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee

Bishop Enrique E. Delgado, Archdiocese of Miami

As of July 22nd, the Diocese of St. Augustine will receive a new bishop, appointed by Pope Francis, Bishop Erik Pohlmeier. Bishop Pohlmeier will also receive a letter.

Please call or write to your local bishop to see what he thought of Archbishop Wester’s pastoral letter, “Living in the Light of Christ’s Peace”.

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